About Us

Welcome to the G1 Toy Collective!  Same Amazing Artist, Same Amazing Pins, Same Amazing Collect-ability –   Collectible Pins for People who Love to Collect!

We’re fan-based, hard-core collectors. As collectors, we’re not looking to increase our bottom line, but to bring more joy into the collecting hobby. Being collectors means we know what we’d like to see, and we hope you’ll like them too. We hope you enjoy our pins as much as we do!

Are you looking for a special pins that we’re not making?  Let us know!  Want to make your own custom pin for an event – we can help!  Email us at admin@g1toycollective.com for details.

History! In 2016 three of us started Studio BMFC, looking to create things for collectors that we wanted to collect. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way never to mix friendships and business; after a lot of stress and reflection we realized the partnership was not sustainable. The Studio was purchased from our former partner, and the G1 Toy Collective began.  We wish our former partner all the best and we’re looking forward to the projects she’s bound to create.

The buyout was not without its issues and we’ve lost access to old Instagram account (studiobmfc), so please follow us @g1toycollective



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